I made two plugins for Adminer

カテゴリ: WEB、WEBシステム関連 / 公開日: 2021年6月09日(水曜)16:19 / 投稿者: Tom Goodsun

I often use Adminer and I'm always thinking what I can do for Adminer. So, I made these as plugins that I use in my job with hacked code. And I send them to Adminer creator, Mr. Jakub Vrána. And introduce them here.

1. Display column comments on headers

Adminer Plugin - Show column comments in the result headers

There is Adminer's official plugin called 'struct comment'. It shows column comments when mouse cursor is above the headers. But this always shows in the header.

The logical names are sometimes hard to catch the true meanings of columns for non-English native people and they are sometimes shortened in its own rules. This plugin shows column comments in the select result headers for not only engineers but also non-engineers to help understanding the meanings of headers.

Really simple plugin.


2. Download results as XLSX

Adminer Plugin - Dump XLSX

Using Sheet.js and FileSaver.js, you can make XLSX file from HTML table tags.

Most of this plugin is JavaScript, so I wonder this is the plugin.

You uses Excel in your jobs, and it is good to use selected-results as XLSX right soon.

This plugin covers results of joined select, and multiple results of select statements, that is in one XLSX file separated in sheaets.